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Program Mission

To impart the necessary exercise and nutrition skills/knowledge to members of our community to build sustainable changes in health, fitness, lifestyle and well-being. Our approach to weight loss is about developing practical, long term exercise and nutrition habits for an improved quality of life.

Program Philosophy

We believe that with the right tools, efficient and practical weight-loss goals can be achieved. Using a semi-personal design, the program combines strength and power exercises, cardiovascular training and strongman activities to target large muscle groups, produce a high caloric expenditure and ramp up your metabolism. We will make your body a fat burning machine, both in and out of the gym. In addition to the training sessions, SHREDCity teaches you how to make healthy choices for continuing results. Our nutrition information focuses on food choices, meal planning, nutrient timing, grocery shopping and kitchen building. By combining exercise and nutrition in a simple approach, our clients have seen fantastic results!

Program Goals

  • MOTIVATE our clients to accomplish realistic goals they have set for themselves.
  • EDUCATE our clients on the basics of how exercise and nutrition impact metabolism for effective, sustainable weight loss.
  • INSPIRE our clients to push far beyond what they thought possible.
  • Provide the LEADERSHIP to help our client Achieve their weight loss goals.
  • CREATE a new, healthier and manageable lifestyle that will continue producing results long after the program is over.

Why become a Part of SHREDCity?

The biggest reason to become part of SHREDCity is that it works! The training sessions are based on scientific principles designed for fat loss and are guaranteed to be more challenging than anything you would do alone. The team environment provides motivation, accountability and competition which pushes our clients to better results. On average our participants lose between 10-20 lbs in a 10 week period with the hardest working, most dedicated participants seeing up to 30-40 bs of weight loss.

We provide you with the opportunity, all you have to do is show up and stay dedicated to the program. The rest will take care of itself. Think you have what it takes? Email dave@depthtraining.ca for more information.


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