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Depth Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab

High performance physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy with the latest cutting edge treatment techniques to help you achieve your goals.

At Depth Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab we emphasize a hands-on approach assessing movement to determine what specific muscle imbalances may be leading to dysfunction or limiting your performance. Each client receives and individualized approach to achieve the best results. It is our mission to help you return to your sport or enjoyed activities in a safe and timely manner.

Conditions We Treat

  • Post-Concussion Syndrome
  • Sports Injuries
  • Running Injuries
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Post-Fracture Rehabilitation
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Headaches
  • Low Back Pain
  • Mid-Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • SI Joint Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Jaw (TMJ) Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Foot & Ankle Pain
  • Ligament Sprains & Muscle Strains
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfers Elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Wrist & Hand Pain

Our Services

We are trained in many of the latest assessment and treatment techniques, including:

Manual Therapy

• Joint Mobilization & Manipulation
• Muscle Energy Techniques
• Isolated Stretching
• Soft Tissue & Myofascial Release

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Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

• Dry Needling
• Electro-Acupuncture

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Active Release Technique®

• A state of the art soft tissue treatment technique

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Functional Range Release®

• Advanced & comprehensive system of soft tissue assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation used by some of the most highly regarded manual therapists around the world.

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• Non-invasive, hands-on manual therapy
• Joint Mobilization & Manipulation

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Athlete Performance Physiotherapy & Chiropractic

• Specialized & Individual Exercise
• Sport Specific Rehab Training
• Hockey Specific Performance Treatment
• Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
• Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

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Concussion Baseline Testing & Post-Concussion Management

• Team, Family, and Individual Baseline Testing
• Return To Play Concussion Management

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Massage Therapy

• Sports Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Myofascial Release
• Therapeutic Massage

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Other Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Treatment Components

Kinesio Taping & Corrective Taping Techniques
• Athletic Taping
• Interferential Current (IFC)
• Ultrasound