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It’s not about how bad you want it, it’s how hard you’re willing to work for it.

Elite Athlete Program

Designed for athletes looking to supplement their sports practice with a specific strength & conditioning program, whether they are in-season or off-season.

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Hockey Programs

An excellent opportunity for young hockey players to gain an advantage over their peers by continuing to progress their speed, power, strength and conditioning levels.

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Football Programs

Designed specifically for football players based on age, ability, training experience, and position. Maximize gains with this program to produce exceptional results in speed, strength, power, and muscle hypertrophy.

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Golf Programs

Designed for golfers who want to hit the ball longer, improve their consistency, and better their stamina. Address specific mechanical inefficiencies limiting your golf swing, while building fundamental strength and power to maximize performance.

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Soccer Programs

Depth Training has a specific strength and conditioning program for soccer players to help you get the 2016 season started right.

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Young Gunz Program

Created for athletes playing Atom & Peewee hockey. This program will follow our young athlete development model and place an emphasis on general athletic ability, improving body awareness, and having FUN!
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Team Training

An excellent way to improve performance and support the development of teamwork and group cohesion. Out program is designed specifically for your team based on the athlete’s age, skill level, and fitness testing results. In addition to our elite level training sessions, we will provide your team with nutritional advice, mental preparation strategies, and a well-designed dynamic warm-up to be implemented before practice, workouts, and games.

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