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High Performance Nutrition Coaching

Increased performance, both mentally and physically starts with the right bite! Maximize your training success with one of Depth’s High Performance Nutrition Coaching Programs and Plans. All of our Depth Training Nutrition Coaches are certified by Precision Nutrition, the company the experts turn to for nutritional education and advice.


Individual Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Want to see what our High Performance Nutrition Coaching is all about? Book your 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching appointment with one of our Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches to learn more about how you can maximize nutrition habits to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. You can select from both 1 hour and 30 minute individual coaching sessions.

  •  1 hour Nutrition Coaching Session

    During these 1 hour sessions you can discuss specific nutrition topics with your coach to help educate you on key nutrition concepts which apply to you. Not sure what topics to select? Not to worry, your coach will guide the session after you complete a brief questionnaire about your goals and needs. Based on time constraints, a maximum of 3 topics can be discussed during the session.

  •  30 minute Nutrition Coaching Session

    During these 30 minute sessions you can discuss 1 key specific nutrition concept you feel is important to help you reach your goals. Again, if you are not sure what topic to select, your coach will help guide the session after you complete a brief questionnaire about your goals and needs.

  •  Add a Nutrition Plan to your coaching session

    This Nutrition Plan is designed to help clients put the nutrition lessons discussed during their 1 on 1 coaching session into practice and learn more on what to eat and when to eat it.


8 Week Introduction to Nutrition Coaching Program

Interested in learning more about how proper Nutrition can help you reach your health and fitness goals faster? Our 8 week introduction to nutrition coaching program takes you through the process of how to build better nutrition habits to help you maximize the benefits of your training.

Program Components
• Initial Nutrition and body composition assessment
• 3 x 30 minute 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching Sessions
• Individualized Nutrition Plan
• Nutrition Tips and Information Package
• Free Depth Shaker Cup


Monthly Nutrition Coaching Program

This Nutrition Coaching program is for clients who want to make a commitment to healthy eating and work with a nutrition coach to learn how to make healthy eating possible in everyday life. This program allows clients to make a long term commitment to their nutrition coach who will help them manage their nutrition habits with both 1 on 1 sessions and online support. This program allows coaches to monitor your eating practices each month and provide the recommended changes needed to help you see better results. This allows the coach to make specific recommendations based on the client’s nutrition logs and outcomes. Learn how to make your nutrition habits a sustainable part of your everyday life to help you look, feel and move better!

Program Components
• 1 x 30 minute session with your nutrition coach each month (in person or video conference)
• Monthly Nutrition Assessment and Outcomes to be monitored by your coach
• Monthly Nutrition Plan specific to your needs

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Learn how proper nutrition can help you look, move and feel your best!