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Off-Season Hockey Training

Depth Training has created a comprehensive off-season High Performance Training Program for hockey players of all ages and skill levels. Focusing on our athletic development model of the 5 Pillars of Player Development, Depth Training has developed strategies to screen, assess, prescribe, train and progress our athletes to help them improve their physical and athletic potential.

Program Dates

  • Program Runs May 8 – August 26
  • 16 Weeks
  • Assessment Week May 1 – May 8 (Option 1)
  • Assessment Week May 9- May 16 (Option 2)
  • Flexible Session Scheduling

Available Program Packages

Training Program Focus

  • Developing strong, healthy, flexible athletes with proper corrective exercises.
  • Core Strength. A strong, fast and powerful hockey player begins with a strong core.
  • Lower Body Strength. ‘The legs feed the wolf’.
  • Building explosive strength and power for acceleration, change of direction and shot power.
  • Speed development with focus on starting speed/acceleration, using changes of speed and top end breakaway speed.
  • Agility training taking into consideration reaction time, decision making, movement efficiency and the ability to properly navigate your environment so athletes can better apply these tools to sport.
  • Energy System Training. We take a comprehensive approach for conditioning and focus on a variety of endurance based training including strength endurance, power endurance, speed endurance and repeat spring ability. All of these qualities need to be trained with different approaches and it is our job to understand the right approach to conditioning at the right time, for the right athlete.
  • We train hockey players to become better athletes and better people.

Depth Training Facility
To provide local hockey players in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge-Guelph region with an Elite Off-Season training experience in order to prepare the athlete both mentally and physically for the best possible opportunity of having a successful hockey season in 2016-17. Our goal is to provide players with an exceptional service encompassing a variety of tools and methods to monitor and ensure their success, both on and off the ice.
Our program philosophy is to improve and develop the physical characteristics required for high levels of on-ice performance, while addressing injury risk, providing education and challenging mental toughness. At DEPTH Training, we strive to develop complete athletes who have an excellent understanding of their body and possess the knowledge to take care of their body independently so they may continue to perform optimally throughout the course of a season.

Our philosophy is to prepare our athletes for competition by identifying their weaknesses and building them into strengths. While we utilize methods to improve the strength, speed, power, agility, quickness, balance, co-ordination and conditioning of each individual athlete, the recipe for each may vary based on testing analysis. Although our primary focus is on improving ON-ICE Performance, we also place a large emphasis on developing multi-dimensional athleticism.

At DEPTH Training, our Off-Season Hockey Program values the development of hockey specific skills such as stickhandling, shooting, power skating and footwork. The physical qualities developed through off-ice training must incorporate specific drills for higher transfer to on-ice performance. We understand this process and have access to the resources required to improve such skills. We truly believe our Off-Season Hockey Strength and Conditioning Program to be one of the most comprehensive, complete and high quality options available to the athletes of Kitchener-Waterloo Region. We are excited to be part of helping these young hockey players realize their full potential as they pursue their hockey aspirations!

Depth Training Off-Season Programs

PRO Program

Designed for players at the professional level of hockey. This is where hockey becomes a business and we are in the business of making sure these players have every tool they need to maximize the career opportunity in front of them.


OHL, NCAA Program

Strength and conditioning program designed for players currently at the OHL or NCAA level of hockey.


Junior Elite Program

This players playing a high level of junior hockey with the goal of one day playing major junior hockey or obtaining an NCAA scholarship. This is a high level program designed for players who are very committed to their off-season training.


Midget-Junior Prep Program

This is a strength and conditioning program designed for players looking to enter their first or second season playing junior hockey.


Minor Midget Program

This is the first step in the preparation for Junior hockey and focuses on developing explosive strength and power while increasing lean body mass.


Bantam Program

This strength and conditioning program is designed for players who are entering their first (minor) or second (Major) year of Bantam hockey.