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The Body can do anything, it’s the Mind you have to convince.

The Depth Training team is comprised of individuals who share a passion and commitment to the field of strength & conditioning and the development of young athletes. At Depth Training we dedicate ourselves to helping individuals discover their inner potential and strive to achieve personal excellence. We are guided by the principle that “the body can do anything; it’s the mind you have to convince”. Our staff encourages and coaches individuals to develop a solid work ethic and perseverance to help them realize their full potential. Our aim is to strengthen all of our athletes, both physically and mentally to build self- confidence and the drive to succeed.

Depth Training is based on scientifically proven strategies that are designed to enhance athletes’ performance throughout their competitive season. We also use corrective exercise strategies to help prevent injury and educate athletes in the correct way to move and exercise for long term health benefits. Along with our sport specific training programs, Depth also offers Personal Training, Bootcamp Classes, Nutrition Planning, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy. Serving Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge & surrounding area.

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Who is Depth Training

At Depth Training, we are committed to assisting individuals to discover their boundless potential and achieve personal excellence. We do so by fostering an atmosphere that is positive, dynamic, challenging and inclusive while promoting a strong work ethic and self-confidence.
Vince Lombardi was once quoted as saying that peoples’ lives are in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen endeavour. At DEPTH Training our vision is built on this philosophy.

Each individual has boundless potential. At Depth Training we dedicate ourselves to assisting individuals to not only discover their inner potential but to extend themselves to achieve personal excellence. We are guided by the principle that the “body can do anything; it is your mind you need to convince”. As individuals develop their work ethic and perseverance they begin to realize that this potential has no limits. As they discover their true abilities, they begin to strengthen themselves both physically and mentally. This builds self-confidence and the drive to succeed.

At Depth Training, our mission is to not only understand what individuals need to know, but also how they can achieve their personal goals. We model a disciplined approach to training in which a strong work ethic is cultivated. Nurturing strong work habits will help serve our clients well throughout their lives, not only in sport or fitness but in their chosen work.

Finally, at Depth Training, we are committed to incorporating leading edge research into our training program. We value life-long learning and dedicate ourselves to educating individuals to better understand how Health and Fitness affects them.

Dedication, commitment, work ethic and personal excellence are the core values that provide the foundation upon which Depth Training is built.

At Depth Training, we are committed to:

  • Character
  • Team Work
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance

Depth Training at Whistle Bear in Cambridge offers something for everyone, including yoga classes, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, personal training and exercise programming with a unique focus on golf training.

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the Depth Training Team

The Depth Training team is comprised of individuals who share a passion and commitment to the field of strength and conditioning and the development of young athletes.

Meet the Depth Team


If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you,
it doesn’t CHANGE you.


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Depth Training

483 Conestogo Road Unit 2,
Waterloo, ON

Phone: 226.748.9494
Email: info@depthtraining.ca


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