Fall/Winter Athletic Development Program information now available!
“Train for your sport. Train for your body. Train with a PURPOSE!”

Depth Training – Off Season Training Video from Scott Henderson on Vimeo.


The DEPTH Training team is comprised of individuals who share a passion and commitment to the field of strength and conditioning and the development of young athletes. At DEPTH Training we dedicate ourselves to helping individuals discover their inner potential and strive to achieve personal excellence. We are guided by the principle that “the body can do anything; it’s the mind you have to convince”. Our staff encourages and coaches individuals to develop a solid work ethic and perseverance to help them realize their full potential. Our aim is to strengthen all of our athletes, both physically and mentally to build self- confidence and the drive to succeed.
DEPTH Training is based on scientifically proven strategies that are designed to enhance athletes’ performance throughout their competitive season. We also use corrective exercise strategies to help prevent injury and educate athletes in the correct way to move and exercise for long term health benefits.


I think we have the most outstanding athletes and people involved in our facility. It is our athletes that make Depth Training. We are not just interested in creating better athletes, but better people. We want our athletes to become stronger not just in the gym, but in all aspects of life. Use the confidence you gain from working out and apply it to everything. Be better and push others around you to be better.
– DEPTH Training